The shops have shut and I didn’t get the email! Out of food… and alcohol!

April 9th,

After weeks of ensuring, we have well stocked cupboards, and realising that our supermarket, always is plentiful, (even if it is not with exactly the produce I had hoped for);  I guess I have become a little complacent. Actually, not given it any thought, at all, would probably be closer to the truth.  I know, I will go to the shop every day; it is the only chance I have to exercise, outside of the grounds and I look forward to it.  It lifts my mood, every time.  It doesn’t matter what we run out of as there is always tomorrow.

I was missing one, vital, piece of information.  Frankly, I did not get the memo, email or tannoy message; that the Easter holiday, start on a Thursday lunchtime in Spain.  No, I did not.  Mid-afternoon I walk down the hill, listening to some soulful little dance tunes and quite happy, in my little sing song bubble.  I need to buy a few days worth of groceries and alcohol as knowing the shops will be closed here tomorrow, for Good Friday.

At this point, I am feeling a little smug, I am organised; I even managed to buy a Cadbury Easter Egg yesterday, the only one left.   Not a car or person has passed me by, for the whole walk down the hill.  In retrospect, this should have perhaps rung alarm bells as I usually see the odd dog walker, or someone doing a bin run.   I approach the shopfront and, I am shocked to see that it is closed!  No! No! NO!

There is nowhere else to go within walking distance and I start to suspect, that all the other stores are probably closed.  I turn around and walk back up the hill.  I am stunned.  There are not many certainties at the moment, but my little shop, surrounded by wild pigs and chickens has been rock fast for me and now it is shut!  What will I do? 

Assuming all shops are closed today and Good Friday, we have no alcohol for 48 hours, none.  How could I have taken so much for granted?  How could I have taken my eye off the game?   No gin, no wine, no beer, no cava.  I call my friend Sophie; she instantly understands the seriousness of the situation.  She explains there is a little corner shop close to her.  I think I can work out how to get there, but it is the only shop open and I guess it will be busy. 

I walk slowly back up the hill, the world has really gone crazy.  All the shops are shut on a Thursday afternoon?  Easter is tomorrow, not today.  Everyone is going home, to stay in again!!  Once I have returned to the house, I look through the cupboards once more.  It is clear that we can make meals for the next couple of days.  I have not had any real dilemmas since lockdown. 

Easter has arrived early

The situation here is so severe that restrictions are strict and policed.  I have had no decisions to make!   Disappointingly, I conclude I cannot risk going in to a shop simply for alcohol!  Crestfallen, I explain to Livvy there will be no savoury snacks, but I find some popcorn kernels and I think I have averted a disaster, for her at least.

I have enjoyed a drink here early in the evening, just one glass of something, before I cook dinner.  In these times, simple rituals like a morning coffee or bath in the evening, help life to feel normal and brings pleasure.  I feel a little cheated, I cannot have a drink!  Whatever will happen next??

I decide the only way to lift our moods (my mood, if I am being fair), is to make the popcorn. It is a gloomy afternoon, a perfect time to watch a movie with Livvy.   We snuggle in the new room and watch The Curse of the Were Rabbit; we love this film.  Liv has always been a huge fan of all the Aardman movies, but especially Wallace and Grommit.  This is her favourite, whilst mine is A Matter of Loaf and Death.  The films are so clever, innocent and full of English humour.  We have watched everyone at least fifty times. 

The film works its magic, and the forecast for tomorrow is sunshine, all day long.  Happy days.  If you are lucky enough to get out on Good Friday, make sure you: buy some hot cross buns, an Easter Egg or two,  plan a delicious feast of a meal, (whilst standing 2 metres away from everyone, being serious here, people).  I’ll somehow track down some form of chocolate to hide in the garden come Sunday morning.  We will watch the Curse of the Were Rabbit AGAIN, it is a tradition, and on Sunday I will get my kids on Zoom or Houseparty, and we will talk nonsense to each other for half an hour or so.  By then I may even have a glass of something cold and in my hand.

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