It is still officially Easter, lets get the sticky tape out, and stick paper to our foreheads!

April 13th,

Today is Easter Monday, well apparently it isn’t.  Not here!  Easter I have decided is the most confusing of holidays.  For a start, when is Easter? It can arrive somewhere between the second half of March and at some point in April.  I now know celebrations can commence on a Thursday and finish on a Monday.  Christmas seems so much more straightforward, may because so much organising needs to be put in to the Christmas holidays that changing its actual date, could break the soul of many a mum and her to do list! 

It is a gloomy day and knowing that everyone at home in England are out in their gardens in the warm sunshine is rather guiling.  Seriously how can it be sunnier and warmer than the Costa Del Sol. Supplies are once more running low and so I decide to walk to the shops, to my delight it is open!

No Bank Holiday, in fact the Spanish government have begun to ease restrictions.  They have returned to the rules of the first two weeks of lock down, and now workers in construction and manufacturing can return to work.  The streets are the busiest they have been in ages, and there is a distant drone of traffic on the highway.  Life is returning to Spain.

I am not sure how I feel.  I had noticed not so many people wearing gloves and masks the past few days.  In the news each day the situation has improved in the Spanish hospitals, particularly in Madrid.  The thing is, we know that Coronavirus is still around, thankfully not out of control, but present.  I understand economies are having to get back to normal, people wanting to get back to their jobs and the financial pressure many are under.  I want my life to go back to normal, but this won’t be normal, until there is a vaccine, it will mean every where we go, looking who is around us.  It is exhausting.  I am outside the house person.  I love to meet up with friends and socialise and this fun part of life is being taken away.  How will I feel confident enough to enjoy life?

I decide that my choices are limited and remember that as it is a Bank Holiday, there will nobody working and so we may as well embrace the day!  I buy a bottle of gin, crisps and olives and decide we’ll have to have a party.  I make it back up the hill, listening to Lana del Rey and feeling the circulation in my hands being cut off from the over full bags.   As I walk in I see Livvy under a blanket, earphones on and looking her laptop, whilst watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, (which is my personal favourite of the Indy films).  I could quickly lose my momentum.  Maybe I should just give make a cup of tea, and watch TV for the next eight hours, whilst eating chocolate eggs.

Before I can change my mind I announce, I think we should have a little party, lets play some games.  I was expecting looks and groans, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it was as I raised the bottle of gin and bag of Lays.  ‘Okay hour from now we’ll meet around the table’.

I made some nibbles and got drinks ready, it was good fun.  We played 20 questions, it could be anyone fictional/real, character, alive, dead… Livvy was really good, she guessed everyone.  My biggest problem was remembering the information I had ascertained.  I am hoping it was the effect of a gin and tonic, but to be honest if one drink has this effect, I am a little worried. We spent a good hour playing this game, with random names, taped to our foreheads,  I was by far the worse!!!  As we all fought over the food, the sun decided to make an appearance and we ran out to the terrace to get the last rays of the days.  We played cards, I redeemed myself and was champion!

The television here is beginning to be a drag, at first it was a novelty I don’t watch much TV at home and it always airs films, which I prefer, but most are a bit rubbish.  I have found audio books to be my latest escape.  Recommended by friend Sam, I have Daisy Jones and the Six as my latest listen, it is set in the late 60s and 70s, with a Californian, hippy chick vibe, and a good dose or rock n roll, and I am loving it.  Such a great era, I want to go and buy a long floaty dress and put flowers in my hair, I am already bare foot!

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