My legs already hurt, I’m dreading tomorrow

April 14th,

Today it is beautiful, sun shining from sun rise to sun set.  When we first arrived everyday for almost two weeks was like this, and we definitely took it for granted.

My friend, Kerrie, is an amazing fitness instructor in Australia.  She knows her stuff and is fun and you look at her and she gives you all the inspiration you could ever need.  She works at a fitness centre, in Mornington which has also been affected by the Coronavirus and has now kitted herself out to teach classes from home.

Her classes are for everyone, but she is very clever at getting you to push yourself.  I remember being at her classes at the back of the gym studio, nineteen years ago.  Having just had my son, I was keen to get back in to shape. 

Exercise of any kind hadn’t been in my life back then, I ran after Grace all day, and if you know Grace you’ll know that kept me on my toes.  I also thought going to the gym was for others and I didn’t really fit in.  I hated feeling self-conscious and not knowing what I was doing.

Well Kerrie was the person who changed that for me.  Admittedly it would take me a week to recover.  I would just be able to walk down the stairs at home without Nurofen and wincing, when it was time for the next class.  They were fun though and my fitness improved.

So I wake up this morning with a little trepidation, I convince myself that I will be fine. I practice yoga every day and I always make sure that I give it my all.  I am healthy and the strongest I have ever been, but I’ll never be super fit, it is not why I exercise.  I want to eat chocolate every day, I do.  For me it is so I feel mentally fit, I am happier and more positive after I have exercised.

The music is on and the memories came back, I have no weights, so I am using tins of baked beans, but this is fun.  I miss my friend, we met up in Rome unexpectedly last year.  We had no idea we were to be there on the same day, which was incredibly special.   An evening with our families, in our hotel courtyard.  It was beautiful, with wisteria and candle light, we had such a special night.  We drunk till the early hours, laughing, catching up, telling old stories. We were there so late, that the staff left and asked us to close the door when we were finished.  I am not sure when we will see each other again.  I hope next time it will be in Melbourne.

The rest of the morning is spent by the pool, Liv and I, swim and play table tennis.  Later on Liv completes a little more school work and I endeavour to finish Becoming Michelle Obama.  It is a long book, that I have enjoyed immensely, but I have new books that are calling me, in the early hours of the night, when sleep alludes me.

What I have taken most from Michelle’s story is how life is full of Sliding Door moments. I think for her, the most pivotal moment was her mum complaining at school and ensuring she was taught in a class where a teacher cared and that she mattered.  Teacher’s have a unique role, they spend so much time with our children, their influence can change a child’s track.  She had the humblest of beginnings but people told her she mattered; her life is remarkable, which has nothing to do with the fact that she married a man who became the President of the USA.  Her life’s trajectory before meeting Barak Obama was outstanding. It all stemmed from her family’s values and education.

Right now I am home schooling and it is tough.  One of my children particularly when they were young, had a thirst for knowledge, another put their head down and worked hard.  Livvy is bright, but she doesn’t fit particularly in to a school system where the focus is academic.  She is musical, she wishes to be in music class, every day.  She would like to do art and food tech, she loves to write, her English is good. I would like her to get those grades, where she passes GCSEs and A-Levels and attends university. 

Oh for a walk along the beach

I would like it for her because I believe this is where the biggest scope to make the most of your life comes from.  It is through learning, in an education system, with recognised qualifications, with teachers that tell you, you can achieve and that you do matter.  I look forward to her returning to school, when it is safe, so that she can make her way, in whichever direction that will be.

We finish the day with me once more saying to Livvy she must wake up earlier tomorrow, its meant to be a school day. I realise I am already struggling to move my legs to walk to the bedroom.  I’m dreading the morning already.  How does she do it!?

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