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April 15th,

I had ibuprofen by my  bed side, an hour before my early morning call to Australia.  I take two, listen to Daisy Jones and the Six and contemplate moving my legs.   By the time I get up I am pain free, for the first ten minutes I shuffle round the kitchen making coffee, but slowly my limbs come back to life.

At 10am, I am on my mat, talking to Kerrie who tells me this is her third class of the day…!  I feel like I need to get a grip, but five minutes in and I am feeling the burn… she is good, because I am still laughing and smiling at my phone.  For this hour I think of nothing else except breathing and wishing I had some weights, rather than tins of soups.  It sets me up for the day, I decided I will get the daily shop run out of the way early.

It is so much busier than a few days ago, people are parking on the roadside, and it seems they are not alone.  There is a family walking along.  It is the first time I have seen another child for a couple of weeks.  It would seem the relaxation of the lockdown, is weakening people’s resolves.

This new transitions has occurred suddenly, only yesterday in the shops, the police were patrolling the aisles.  Though I am not entirely sure why, but it was off putting, so much so it made me forget my tonic water.  I think being in a different country, with a language I cannot understand, adds a tension to the situation.  I do not want to be in here today, I feel stressed by it all and I rush to get through the check out and out of the store.  Just outside of the shop front there is a small wall, where I remove my gloves, sanitise my hands, and remove my mask.  God I am sick of it.

On the one-hand I get it, I want to get back to normal, to take Liv outside, to the beach and the cafes; however, I cannot believe that we have seen the last of this virus.  Coronavirus will be back in Spain within a few weeks, hopefully not at the numbers it was before but there will be a second surge.  I leave the shops and walk slowly back up the hill, it is a struggle I think the ibuprofen has started to wear off.  I decide to plug in my earphones and sing to the chickens, it is my therapy, though torture for the birds.


This afternoon, I continue to understand how to market and promote a new business idea.  I have nearly always been self-employed, but it is only recently that I have relied upon technology more and more.  If you can master the software and social media sites, then it opens up a huge global market.  I find it fascinating, over-whelming, challenging and in the pit of my stomach, I know I can make a business from it in the future.

In the last two weeks, I have taken courses, filled notebooks with ideas, reached out to blog groups and business networks.  It is interesting and time consuming; I want to know more.  This is something I will pursue; I want to see women reach their full potential.  To have lives that are positive, where they are comfortable in their own bodies, they feel beautiful and have the confidence to achieve the success they deserve.  My new business is, Liv With Grace.

I want to put the groundwork in whilst we’re in Spain.  Gardening and cooking have been my refuge for so  long, but gardening is impossible here and cooking is frustrating.  No utensils and limited ingredients.  I don’t mind the challenge of cooking dinner, but the pleasure is not the same.  Instead I need to fill my time with something new.  This idea has been with me for a long while but ever so slowly, I can see it forming and evolving in to a place I can focus my energy and passion.  I want to ensure women have every opportunity to live their lives.  I don’t want them to think that they cannot reach their dreams.  We have to be true to ourselves and understand our purpose in life.  Right now seems the perfect time to do this.  To ask the questions.  I want to think about my future, to have dreams, big dreams.

I have finished my second course, its aim to take away the fear of starting up a new business.  It is for those who have never started up their own company though they may have ideas for a product or service.  It can be so easy to put stumbling blocks in the way of our progress.  This course is about finding the time each day, to make a difference for the future.  It is a way of putting your toe in the water, and gaining the confidence that you can run your own business.  YOU CAN!

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